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Fresh   from the fields of our farmers

At Lucki we're experts in freshness.

Our freshly harvested paddy rice is delivered by the farmers to our mills in Bugarama, Rwamagana, and Gikonko, and then to you.

Fresh rice, fair price. 
Delicious recipes for tonight!
Proud of our freshness

With Lucki Rice it's easy to keep your family happy, healthy, and strong.


Put a smile on their faces with Lucki Rice as the perfect staple in your family's diet.

Image by Adrianna Van Groningen
Delicious, nutritious, and fresh.
Great variety,
easy to decide on dinner!

Lucki has a variety to suit your family's taste.


Our stores are designed to let you 'try before you buy'. Learn about each rice variety, feel the texture of each grain in your hands and smell its aroma.

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